Character information
Kind Human
Gender Male
Attributes Broken jaw; illiterate; hacking skills; persistant; irritating; repetetive
Fate Passes on his 'affliction' to Charles Watts
Victims Charles Watts (alive)
Appearance information
Appears in Funnymouth
Created by SlimeBeast
I see your handsome face. Don't be sad about it. It's okay, even.

– Three of Funnymouth's catchphrases (translated into readable English).

Funnymouth is a man who makes people kinda pissed online, so now you know who those internet trolls are, but watch out cuz eventually hes going to pimp smack your face with a pipe or somethin and break your jaw, and then for some reason you will still be alive and story trolling people, yea i know it makes total sense right?



Funnymouth has, as is described in the creepypasta, a broken jaw with a huge, lolling tongue protruding from it. It is described as having a bloated face, and its hands have been described as 'slimy' and wormlike, as Charles felt in his 'dreams'.


Funnymouth has a severely broken jaw, with teeth hanging by only a few gums. He also has what is described as a 'messed up tongue'.

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