Exampleit starts out two adults were camping out of town they were in the woods one of the adults named gary is toms best friend gary starts says words you never under stand like saying dead family mebers of the other guy named tom tom says that to the doctor garys eyes look like they are blank white like a dead person and his skin is eating its self

and is bumpy like the road of a side walk they night came tom was scared of gary gary was not dead but he looked like he was dead and they went to bed toms says that it was hard for him to sleep because of looking at garys face last night the doctor say that gary was dead they buried gary in a hill not far from their camping spot and tom said some words it was almost night all of the people go home tom was still camping and went to sleep and he saw the dead body of gary and in garys hands was toms wifes hand cut off and covered in blood then gary says your next and tom said holy [beep] and he was never herd ever
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